Laboratory Draw Station


  • In-House Laboratory Draw Station – The Healthcare Institute has an in-house laboratory draw station allowing us to preform several in-house studies for quick treatment of a large number of medical conditions. Other labs are sent out to the appropriate commercial laboratory.  We collect blood specimens for complicated laboratory tests and are sent to the appropriate laboratories. This can be done at the time of the office visit to avoid additional “co-payments” that are present when you have to be sent to a reference laboratory. Patients that have dangerous symptoms such as shortness of breath or chest pain should always seek immediate emergency room evaluation.

Our in-house laboratory draw station eliminates the need for you to make another trip to an independent facility for blood work while you are here for an appointment.

If you require routine lab work for conditions such as diabetes, or if you take Coumadin, you will be able to come in to have blood drawn on a routine basis.